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The first record of the genus Anaprostocetus Graham, 1987 (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae: Tetrastichinae) from Transcaucasia (Georgia)

Первая находка рода Anaprostocetus Graham, 1987 (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae: Tetrastichinae) из Закавказья (Грузия)

V.V. Kostjukov1, O.V. Kosheleva1, G. Japoshvili2, 3

В.В. Костюков1, О.В. Кошелева1, Г. Джапошвили2, 3

1All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection, Krasnodar-39 350039 Russia. E-mail: salchia@yandex.ru, koscheleva_o@ mail.ru

2Institute of Entomology, Agricultural University of Georgia, Agmashenebeli Alley #240, Tbilisi, Georgia. E-mail: g.japoshvili@agruni. edu.ge

3Invertebrate Research Center, Agladze #26, Tbilisi-0119, Georgia. E-mail: giorgij70@yahoo.com

1Всероссийский научно-исследовательский институт биологической защиты растений, Краснодар-39 350039 Россия

2Институт энтомологии, Аграрный университет Грузии, Agmashenebeli Alley #240, Tbilisi, Georgia

3Научно-исследовательский центр беспозвоночных, Adladze #26, Tbilisi-0119, Georgia

Key words: Hymenoptera, Eulophidae, Tetrastichinae, Anaprostocetus, Transcaucasia, Georgia.

Ключевые слова: Hymenoptera, Eulophidae, Tetrastichinae, Anaprostocetus, Закавказье, Грузия.

Abstract. European species of the genus Anaprostocetus Graham, 1987 – A. acuminatus (Ratzeburg, 1848) is reported as a new record for Transcaucasia (Georgia).

Резюме. Впервые для Закавказья (Грузия) указан единственный европейский вид рода Anaprostocetus Graham, 1987 – A. acuminatus (Ratzeburg, 1848).

Graham [1987] in reclassification of the European Tetrastichinae described 9 new genera including Anaprostocetus Graham, 1987 with type species

A. dehraensis Graham, 1987 from India and A. acuminatus (Ratzeburg, 1848) from Europe. At present, the genus Anaprostocetus comprises 7 species. Four species (Anaprostocetus dehraensis Graham, 1987, A. areos Narendran et Fousi, 2005, A. keralicus Narendran et Girish Kumar, 2005 and A. sringeriensis Narendran et Santhosh, 2005) were described from India; two species (A. cenxiensis Sheng, 1995 and A. ankarensis Gençer, 2010) were described from China and Turkey [Noyes, 2016]. This genus differs from other genera of Tetrastichinae by its hind coxae with a curved subdorsal carina on its outer surface.

European species of the genus Anaprostocetus

A. acuminatus (Ratzeburg, 1848) is reported as a new record for Georgia (Lagodekhi Reserve). Anaprostocetus acuminatus develops on Euura atra (Jurine, 1807) and E. laeta (Brischke, 1883) (Hymenoptera: Tenthredinidae).

Material and methods

Lagodekhi Reserve was established in 1912. Lagodekhi Protected Areas is one of the world’s best-preserved, primitive area with diversity of natural landscapes – is


DOI: 10.23885/1814-3326-2017-13-1-91-92

located in Lagodekhi, in the extreme north-eastern part of Georgia on the southern slopes of the Caucasus and extends at an altitude of 590–3500 m. Lagodekhi Protected Areas includes Lagodekhi Nature Reserve (19749 ha) and Managed Reserve (4702 ha) [Agency..., 2016].

This study represents part of the material collected in Lagodekhi Protected Areas by G. Japoshvili and

G. Kirkitadze, using Malaise traps, during the entire growing season of 2014. Malaise traps in Lagodekhi Protected Areas were set in the following vertical zonal sites: 1) low zone of forest (450–750 m); 2) middle zone of forest (750–1250 m); 3) high zone of forest (1250–1800 m);

4) subalpine forest (1800–2000 m); 5) subalpine fields and shrublands (2000–2500 m); 6) alpine zone (above 2500 m). General collecting was started in April 2, 2014 and lasted until November 7, 2014, although in alpine and subalpine areas collecting was started later (subalpine 5 May 2014; alpine 23 May 2014) and completed earlier (6 October 2014), due to climate conditions and altitude. Material was collected every 10 (±2) days and placed at first in 96% ethanol, and then it was sorted, dried, mounted and

labeled according to Noyes [1982].

Identification was done by the first and second authors, using modern keys [Graham, 1987] and papers of original description. Comparative material from the collections of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg) and All-Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection (Krasnodar) was studied. All voucher specimens are deposited in the Entomological collection of Agricultural University of Georgia (Tbilisi).

Information about synonymy, biology and morphological terminology follow Graham [1987, 1991] and the Universal Chalcidoidea Database [Noyes, 2016].

92 V.V. Kostjukov, O.V. Kosheleva, G. Japoshvili

Order Hymenoptera Family Eulophidae Subfamily Tetrastichinae

Anaprostocetus acuminatus (Ratzeburg, 1848)

Material. 2, Lagodekhi Reserve, Mt Kudigora, 41°54.351ʹN / 46°17.564ʹE, 847 m a.s.l., 15–25.05.2014; 7, 1, the same place, 5–15.07.2014; 8, Lagodekhi Reserve, Mt Kudigora, 41°51.149ʹN / 46°17.266ʹE, 666 m a.s.l., 25.07–15.08.2014; 5, Lagodekhi Reserve, Mt Kudigora, 41°52.288ʹN / 46°18.692ʹE, 135 m a.s.l., 25.08–4.09.2014.

Previous distribution. UK (England), Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungry, Slovakia, Italy, Ukraine, India, Japan, Canada [Noyes, 2016].


We would like to thank Rustaveli National Science Foundation for financial supports under ref: FR/221/7- 110/13. We express our gratitude to Ms. Meri Salakaia and

Ms. Marine Batsankalashvili for their kind help in sorting of material. We also thank to Mr Giorgi Sulamanidze, director of Lagodekhi Protected Areas, for his support during the project.


Agency of Protected Areas. 2016. Lagodekhi Protected Areas. Available at: http://apa.gov.ge/en/protected-areas/cattestone/lagodexis-daculi- teritoriebis-administracia (accessed 8 January 2016).

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Received / Поступила: 20.10.2016 Accepted / Принята: 7.02.2017